Alessio Romeo

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Alessio has been exploring and documenting the underground world for 30 years, with a particular interest in glacial caves. Graduated in geology in 2001, he completed his final thesis on the morphological evolution of the glacial cavities of the Gorner glacier in Switzerland.

Caver since 1990, he organizes caving and technical courses at national and international level.

He was a Caving Instructor and since 1996 to 2009 a member of Italian Cave Rescue National Corp (CNSAS). He also practices rock and ice climbing, canyoning and diving.

Alessio has participated at over 40 expeditions in a glacial environment (Greenland, Patagonia, Switzerland and Kyrgyzstan) and about thirty exploratory expeditions in the most remote areas of the planet including Uzbekistan, Iran, Palawan Island (Philippine), Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia.

He currently works as a freelance photographer, professional speleologist and explorer. His pictures have been published in international magazines and books.

He has been part of the CAVES-PANGEA team since 2013: initially as F. Sauro’s technical assistant, and later took over the role of cave-photography instructor and is currently an official member of the photo-video team of both courses.