Forests and canyons of Chiapas

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Tropical rain forest environment crossed by a large canyon, with limestone walls and archaeological sites. Base in private karst reserve

The Rio la Venta region, in Chiapas, is one of the most extraordinary karstic areas in the world. The rainforest extends into still intact areas and it is crossed by a 80 km long canyon that can be descended in several ways. The walls are up to 500 m high and are very narrow. About halfway through the river, the river dug a tunnel of extraordinary beauty. There are many archaeological sites in the area before the Maya, mostly unknown. In the core of this area, there is a 50 hectare private reserve that is the base for all activities and it has a natural arch where it is possible to climb. It can be reached in about 2 hours from the main airport.

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Points of interest

  • Selva El Ocote: a protected forest area with large tropical trees, a "stone city" with large limestone blocks, geological shapes of tropical karst phenomena.
  • Canyon Rio la Venta: a canyon of 80 km accessible with mixed technique (on foot and canoe / kayak), rock faces up to 500 m with terraces reachable by climbing and archaeological sites.
  • Arco del Tiempo: a 500 m long natural tunnel with an height of 160 m, unique in the world, located in the middle of the Rio la Venta canyon; crystalline lakes, swimming, parrots, climbing, rope descent.
  • Rancho El Arco: a karst reserve of 50 hectares of private property with 3 km cave, climbing walls, "a secret" well, underground river, coffee plantations, hospitality by local people.


The city of Cintalapa is the base for reaching the locations and it is 1 hour drive from Tuxtla Gutierrez, capital of Chiapas (international airport). Then:

Selva El Ocote: 3 h off-road vehicle

Canyon Rio the Venta: 1 h by car + 1 h on foot

Tiempo Arch: 45' by car + 3 h on foot

Rancho El Arco: 25' by car