Deserts, lake and mines of Coahuila

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Environment of plains and desert mountains, with stones and cactus. Old abandoned mines. Old ghost mining villages. Lakes and ponds in the desert. Snakes.

North Mexico is run by a large desert stretch that extends from west to east: the deserts of Chihuahua and Coahuila. They are rocky arid areas with low vegetation of thorny plants and large variations in temperature between day and night. The Cuatro Cienegas region is part of the state of Coahuila and is a valley surrounded by limestone mountains and dotted with lakes and springs of underground water, often hot and mineralized. In the mountains around the valley there are ancient lead and zinc mines abandoned in the 1960s along with the villages where thousands of miners lived. There are also many caves. The area is very little inhabited and there are large extents without a human trace, if not some trails lying in the desert. All these elements create an absolutely extraordinary landscape. Our knowledge of the site is very deep in having participated in geological and speleological research.

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Documentario Cuatro Ciènegas

Logistics and transports
  • ropes
  • tent
  • jeep
  • animals

Points of interest

  • Lakes and Ponds: in the protected area of ​​Cuatro Cienegas there are over 200 lakes and pools of warm and crystalline water in the middle of the desert. Some puddles are the subject of exobiology studies on extremophilic organisms by NASA and various US and Mexican Universities.

  • Mines: there are several untouched mines that seem to be just abandoned, with long horizontal labyrinth tracts and deep wells.

  • Ghost Village: the village where thousands of miners lived was still partially preserved. In addition to the suggestion of the location there are so many stories to tell from the local elders.

  • Desert: the desert of stones and cactus is huge and rich in charm; there are innumerable species of cactus including the rare candelilla, used to produce cosmetic wax. The rattlesnake is one of the locals.

  • Mountains: some slopes allow you to climb the mountain, over 2,500 meters altitude, where there are coniferous forests and a very different climate. The view is spectacular.

  • Caves: many caves have been explored, allowing you to enter the underground world of Cuatro Cienegas.

  • Local population: old miners, rancheros and even grape growers can meet (here one of the first wines of Mexico was born).


From Monterrey airport you arrive in the area in about 3 hours. To reach the mines, two more hours and off-road vehicles are needed.