Filming support

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The quality of your images is important to us and we know how difficult it is to do that in remote and complex areas.

If you are a videomaker, a photographer, if you work in the cinema or television business, you can rely on our team with lots of professional experience in the field of movie and video production.

  • Services: customs clearance, transport of the troupe and professional equipment to the location. Base Camp installation and technical assistance on the field. Power systems for charging batteries.
  • Communication systems: we provide a radio communications system with, eventually, the installation of a Radio link, to facilitate communications around the Base Camp and one or more satellite phones and internet connectivity, if required.
  • Technicians: to support your job, you can rely on our experience team, with specific professional skills. You can rely on cameramen, photographers and video-makers, all of them with a long experience in shooting in complicated environments. We offer backstage shooting, on ropes, in the caves, with drones, in addition to the equipment rental: jib, slider, stabilized handheld gimbal system…and much more.