Chichonal Volcano

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Active volcano but visible in safety, without explosive or lava phenomena, with an amazing green lagoon inside the crater that was formed in the last eruption in 1982.

Chichonal Volcano (or El Chicòn) is located in the northern part of the State of Chiapas, Mexico. Its eruption in 1982 is well-known because it formed a 17-kilometers cloud, whose ashes spread throughout the atmosphere in the northern hemisphere of the earth. In the area, some villages were completely covered and the ash fell to hundreds of miles away, like snow. Today, the landscape is characterized by huge ash deposits excavated by meteoric agents and by a large crater on the bottom of which there is a green lagoon. The water has different temperatures (in some areas it is possible to dive) and the basin is surrounded by fumaroles and steam. Access takes a day and a half on foot or with the help of animals. The descent at the bottom of the crater is not difficult but it is necessary to use safety ropes.

Logistics and transports
  • ropes
  • tent
  • jeep
  • animals

Points of interest

Pichucalco Village: a typical Mexican agriculture center, which is the closest to the volcano.

Approacching path: large ash banks and lava eroded by meteoric agents, forming small canyons.

Green lagoon: at the bottom of the crater, surrounded by steam, with the possibility to get into the water.


The base for reaching the location is the city of Pichucalco, situated north of the volcano and about 70 kilometers from Villahermosa (international airport). Then: 

Chapultenango: 30’ by car 

Volcano Base Camp:  6h on foot

Bottom of the crater: 4h