Exploration Support

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The success of an expedition depends on many factors. Certainly, one of them is the previous knowledge of the designated location. In fact, Miles Beyond proposes all places where it can boast of in-depth knowledge of the territory.

However, our long-time experience in extreme environments allows us to reach places not yet known to us or yet unexplored.

If the customer needs to do a job in these places, Miles Beyond Explorer Team will carry out a prospecting in order to study the area, the logistics and all the difficulties related to the location. All acquired information will be immediately made available to the customer. If required, on the basis of the information obtained during the exploration, Miles Beyond will be able to manage the expedition on behalf of the customer.

Difficulties that can be encountered in organizing an expedition:
  1. Purchase or rental of technical equipment (tents, base camp accessories, ropes, carabiners, harnesses, food, etc.).
  2. Customs clearance. For this, a knowledge of local fixers helps to handle customs practices.
  3. In certain areas, especially those within natural parks or in areas considered dangerous, obtaining an expedition permit requires complex application compilation. In addition, in order to obtain the permission, further requirements are often required, such as the possession of patents or licenses, the possession of adequate emergency communication system, the possession of certain insurance.
  4. Identification and installation of the Base Camp. Choosing an incorrect location for the Base Camp can compromise the security of the entire expedition. Therefor, during the prospecting, several and accurate searches are carried out to identify the most appropriate places, also depending on the number of people who will take part to the expedition.