Extreme logistic support

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Thank to several years of experience and more than one hundred expeditions organized over the World, we provide all the necessary logistic means to make your journey or professional work feasible in the most extreme and hostile settings. From transport to equipment, we know that every detail is fundamental for the success of the expedition, and we take care of all of them!

  • Fixer for local permits and custom arrangements: we rely on a network of local fixer with yearly experience of all type of expeditions (scientific, documentaries, films, trainings). Our fixers can guarantee the highest possible assistance in terms of permits procurement both from governmental institutions and local indigenous tribes, as well as for customs transfer of professional equipment and its safety.
  • Transport of persons and equipment to the location: through our local networks we provide all necessary means of transports (vehicles, jeeps, boats, airplanes, helicopters) to transfer people and equipment to the locations. Thanks to our decades long experience in logistic operations we are able to minimize costs and risks to reach some of the most inaccessible places on Earth.
  • Base camp installation and organization: we provide all the necessary tents, team and personal equipment, canteen, power, and food preparation for long stay in extreme locations. Different level of comforts can be provided depending on the need of the customer as well as technical solutions to assist complex filming or science operations.
  • Communication systems: we provide satellite and radio communication systems to facilitate communication between the base camp and the rest of the World, also for safety reason.