Miles Beyond uses the experience acquired in 25 years of explorations and complex expeditions in the farthest corners of the world to allow the access of extreme location to customers with high level requirements such as Documentary Broadcasters, Film and Advertisement production companies, Space Agencies and anyone who needs logistics support in such environments. The company board of Miles Beyond is guided by  two founders of La Venta, with extensive experience as expedition leader.

  • Location: offer to customers all the necessary means to access the most extreme location on Earth in order to perform documentation, filming, research, training activities and others. Provide the necessary logistic in terms of techinical means, institutional permits, accommodating all the issue related to bureaucracy and providing high standards of environmental protection.
  • Technologies: develop, test and provide technologies for geographical exploration in diffucult environments, scientific research on field, aerial and underground photographic and video documentation, 3D mapping and specific tools for personal protection in extreme conditions.
  • Training: provide a wide selection of training programs in real extreme location, like preparatory courses for geographical exploration, team building experiences, field documentation, management of emergencies and safety. Transfer the experience acquired during exploration programs on Earth to any customer interested to apply them in Space Exploration.