Medical Support and safety

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Due to the peculiarity and frailty of the locations where Miles Beyond works, each expedition must be managed in the slightest details, even about the health aspect. Many times, an immediate evacuation of the injured patient from the Base Camp to the nearest hospital, can not be guaranteed. For this reason, Miles Beyond Team is always prepared to ensure first aid support and assistance to the injured. However, if required by the customer or if the location logistics is too difficult to manage, a licensed doctor will take part to the expedition.

Medical organization:

  • Before the expedition starts, a Miles Beyond doctor will recommend to the participants a personal kit of drugs and dressing tools to be used autonomously. At the same time, if one of the participants has specific requests, the doctor will take care of every personal patological situations in order to integrate the drugs kit in a more appropriate way.
  • During the expedition, Miles Beyond will carry some paramedical bags that are equipped with all the necessary and useful drugs and health instruments for the specific location, always under the doctor responsability.
  • During an expedition without a doctor, Miles Beyond Expedition Chief will designate a responsible healthcare manager, with an appropriate sanitary preparation (BLS-D), who has to be able to manage every kind of sanitary emergency, from the first aid to patient evacuation and transport to the nearest hospital.
  • In any case, Miles Beyond’s medical support will always be guaranteed by satellite communications.