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Daniela Barbieri

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Born in 1984 in Campobasso (Molise, Central Italy). Speleologist since 2005, actually member of Associazione Speleologica Molisanana and cave technicians of the CNSAS (the Italian rescue organization) from 2010 to 2014. She has participated to cave exploration mainly in the Matese and Irpinia regions, but also in the Venetian Alps. Graduated in cultural heritage at the University of Molise, she took parts to several paleontological and archaeological campaigns with CERP (European Center of Preistoric Research), University of Ferrara, Roma and Turin, as restorer and expert in fossil conservation.

In the years 2014-2015 she took part to three caving expeditions in the Tepui massifs of Venezuela and Brazil. In 2013 she organized a short expedition to the Grand Mulin ice cave in the Mer de Glace glacier (Mount Blanc, Switzerland) while in october 2014 she took part and supported the organization of the first international glacial speleology camp in the Gorner Glacier (Switzerland).

She did also many climbing and mountaineering activities in the Appennines, Dolomites and Venetian Alps.