Vittorio Crobu

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Vittorio is a photographer, filmmaker, speleologist explorer, and has participated in several “ESA CAVES” projects of which he is part of the photo and video team. A native of Sardinia, where he currently lives, Vittorio explores and documents the deepest natural cavities of the island, which are part of the largest karst complexes in Italy. He is the co-founder and president of the Supramonte Project Speleological Association. 

Vittorio is also a member of the “La Venta Esplorazioni Geografiche” Association, with which he has participated in exploratory expeditions in various parts of the world since 2008. He has a great passion for photography and filmography which has led him to participate in numerous documentation projects, nature documentaries, and films. 

Vittorio also collaborates on numerous articles in local, national and international specialised magazines; and is a co-author of various photographic books on nature and the caves of Sardinia. Passionate about nature and its secrets, he loves discovery and pristine environments, always looking for freedom and open spaces where he lives and spends most of his time.